GoPro Helmet Chin Mount


The ChinHero was crafted with amazing attention to detail.

Explore the details of the ChinHero, high-precision mount. ChinHero offers the only removable mount on the market that universally fits all helmets. ChinHero offers a perfect combination of style and functionality. It kind of looks like something Batman would own!

Meet the ChinHero

We listened to your feedback and created the most advanced GoPro helmet chin mount on the market

GoPro Helmet Chin Mount


You can use the ChinHero with any action camera in the market, no matter what kind of full face helmet you have.


Want to remove the ChinHero? You can take it on & off as many times as you want in seconds.


No part of the ChinHero goes inside your helmet and the exterior is made of a soft rubber. Keeping you safe.


Tired of bulky heavy camera mounts? With the new ChinHero you won't even notice you're wearing one!


The new ChinHero is mounted in the centre of your helmet, so the wind won't drag your head to the side or back.


No more wind whistling, head drag, or tension while wearing our aerodynamically designed mount.


Do you have several helmets? Thanks to our unique design, you can use your ChinHero with all of them!


Almost nothing can destroy this mount! It's water & dirt proof, deals with any temperature, and is super endurable.


Who said camera mounts had to be ugly? The ChinHero compliments the rider's helmet with a sharp design & colour.


We specifically designed the new ChinHero to be completely symbiotic with your helmet. No leftover marks!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is done in 2 parts.

Part 1: The ChinHero is connected to the GoPro by a buckle.

Part 2: The ChinHero mounts to the helmet with patented technology. It is as strong as nails but does not damage the helmet in anyway and is completely removable! 

This is all done in seconds!

OK, so obviously every manufacturer is going to tell you theirs is the best.

However, this was developed over 3 years by riders that are engineers. Award winning engineers where at the IBYE competitions we won 2nd place for best start up business for the invention.

It is the only mount that looks cool, is by far the most functional mount and can be universally fit to any full face helmet. There are no straps, glue, screws, bulky parts etc. it really is the best GoPro helmet chin mount.

Not ours! The reason being, it does not affect the structural design of the helmet. There are also no straps or any parts that go inside the helmet. It is super safe with a cushion soft exterior.

There are a few reasons but the main one is the wind! Once you go over 30mph, aero starts to take affect. If the GoPro is mounted on the side or the top of the helmet, it starts to pull the helmet back in the direction where it is mounted.

When mounted to the chin, you do not have aerodynamic issues. Especially with our mount as it is wrapped tight to the helmet with super slippery aero surface.

Nope! We fit any type of action camera with our universal mount.

Whether it is a cheap knock off of a GoPro or a different design altogether, our mount will fit it!

Yes! From the very first GoPro to the latest design, it will fit!

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