Meet the new & improved ChinHero!

– The ChinHero GoPro helmet chin mount can adapt and fit to any type of full face helmet (Motocross, motorbike Street Helmet, motorbike racing helmet, Mountain Biking, Snowmobile, BMX etc).
– It is fully detachable. The device can be popped on and popped off whilst being extremely secure during use (No lost GoPros). This is a huge benefit so you don’t have to have the device always attached.
– It is very safe with a spongey silicone exterior. No parts of the mount go inside the helmet risking injuries to the face of the rider like other mounts.
– It is very lightweight.
– It is mounted to the very front centre of the helmet. Other mounts attached to the side of the helmet or the top, but when going above 30kmh this causes a lot of wind drag and pulls the riders head back on the side the action camera is mounted.
– It is aerodynamic flowing design and “wraps” around the helmet. This results in less drag. Additionally it results in no “whistling” noise from the wind at high speeds. This results in crisper sounding audio.
– One mount can be used for several helmets (Can pop it off your motocross helmet and then pop it on to your motorbike street helmet.)
– It is very endurable, waterproof, dirt proof, can be washed, can deal with cold and hot temperature.
– It is aesthetically beautiful with a modern design and colour.
– It does not damage the helmet in any way!

This GoPro Helmet Chin Mount is the best on the market. Designed by riders for riders!


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